Best South Indian Restaurant in Grant Road


Relishing South Indian Dishes at the Best South Indian Restaurant in Mumbai

The simplicity of the South Indian recipes cannot be found in any other cuisine in India. The aroma and the taste of the South Indian food in Mumbai have won the hearts of most people. Different restaurants in the city serve South Indian dishes or thalis, but the most favourite and loved by Mumbaikers is Sri Krishna restaurant. This restaurant in Grant Road has been serving the endless cravings and the taste buds of people with their distinct variety and taste of South Indian dishes.

Authentic south Indian thalis in Mumbai have been feeding the temptations of people with authentic and typical south Indian delicacies. The restaurant offers food in diverse flavours and also comes up with unique food combinations. Apart from the taste, hygiene of the premises is also taken good care of.

Why Should You Have Breakfast Or Dine At
Sri Krishna South Indian Restaurant?

The South Indian food and the menus are known for their exceptional flavours that are mouthwatering, spicy, and also tangy at the same time. The menu at Sri Krishna restaurant is segregated as per different South Indian states along with its specialities.

These dishes offer a perfect balance of taste and are also healthy on the stomach, as they carry a very strong flavour. Also, these recipes are full of nutrition, as they are made from rice flour, semolina, and lentil flour. They are available in several varieties and it helps to please the taste buds of people with their diverse flavours.

What Is Unique About This South Indian Restaurant?

This South Indian restaurant has its unique charm and serves foods on traditional and authentic banana leaves. It also offers a stellar menu at a pocket-friendly cost. For any visitor or North Indian who doesn't get to see or eat a lot of South Indian dishes, the South India Thali at Sri Krishna restaurant is just awesome and the right option. It isn't expensive considering it's an all-you-can-eat thali in just one order.

Apart from that, the ambience is also good, it has an ambient interior and serves an authentic menu on traditional platters. You will just love the vibes of the restaurant as it takes you to the local villages of South Indian states. No matter, if you planning to have a small get-together or dinner with a big family, it also has a few large tables for big families and large groups.

Another highlight is the restaurant also supports home delivery of south Indian food. If you are planning a home party, just place an order and get your dishes delivered right to your doorstep.


Menu Available At Sri Krishna Restaurant


The Ambience And Service In The Restaurant

For South Indian food lovers in Mumbai, The Sri Krishna restaurant is the best choice. The restaurant brags about extraordinary interiors and offers the best ambience for its guests. The paintings, music and decor are very well inspired by regional cultures.

The steam, the flavour of the delicious south Indian Idli and dosas, and the soul-filling taste and aroma of lentil soup or sambar will make you dine at the cleanest south Indian restaurant in Mumbai. The pocket-friendly charges in this restaurant and the fresh quality of food items served will ensure that the customers visit the restaurant over and over again for mouthwatering South recipes.

We take a lot of care in preparing the dishes to enrich them with the finest quality. We also make a lot of innovations in the recipe by adding vegetables, spicy powders, etc. The steamed Idli, dosas, vada, and Pongal dipped in sambars and chutneys will work wonders in your mouth and will make you taste the recipe over and over again.


Paying Experience

If you are in Mumbai and hunting for authentic and best south Indian restaurants near me, then head to Sri Krishna restaurant and taste Authentic SouthIndian food. The restaurant also offers a lot of discounts, deals, and offers on its idli menu, served with an extraordinary taste.

The restaurant also accepts instant payments using debit and credit cards and helps tourists to place orders and make payments easily for tasting the best Udupi thalis on grant road.

Never miss the chance to dine at this authentic South Indian restaurant in Mumbai. You will be mesmerized by the authentic taste and aroma of the menu cooked at Sri Krishna restaurant. It is one of the best places to treat your family and friends with finger-licking and mouthwatering South Indian recipes.