How can you miss out on the most popular origins of Mumbai's Snack?


When was the last time you just enjoyed having a spicy, crunchy mixture of vegetables, served with pavs, soaked in chaat masala? Wondered what makes the best pav bhaji in Mumbai so popular and what the story behind the dish. The probability is high, you wouldn't even have thought about it.

Mumbai, which is the financial hub of India, offer a wide array of culinary diversity, but many are still not well familiar with the food that Mumbaikers savour daily.

Mumbai’s street food perhaps has the widest array of delicacies, and the most popular is PavBhaji.

The name PavBhaji fetches a smile as it fulfils instant evening pangs of hunger. The famous Indian street food is prevalent in Mumbai. The highlight is a dollop of butter while serving. The king of street food, PavBhaji, hailed from western Maharastra and took to heels across the globe presently.

What Is Pavbhaji?

PavBhaji is a celebrated Indian street food that emerged in Mumbai. An authentic Mumbai pav bhaji comes with bread known as pav and mashed, spicy cooked vegetables known as bhaji. The dish's aroma arises from the spicy pav bhaji masala served with cilantro, butter, chopped onions and lemon.

How did the PavBhaji originate?

The origination of pav bhaji is an exciting part that happened in the 1800s. During the period, the cotton mill workers bend backwards in cotton mills for maximum profit. With maximum working hours, they skip lunch or meals and feel hungry. In such a scenario, the effortless preparation of pav bhaji was instant, pocket-friendly and filling too.

The leftover vegetables with mashed potatoes and tomato puree became everyone's favourite. Emanating from the early 1800s, pav bhaji now holds a special place in local shops and five-star hotels. Hence the best pav bhaji in Mumbai took the storm.

If you're a food lover or a resident in Mumbai hunting for the best Jain pav bhaji in Mumbai, walk to Srikrishna Restaurant for an impeccable evening snack.

What Is Unique About Our Pav Bhaji?

At Srikrishna Restaurant, we make flavourful, fresh pav bhaji masala, as masala is the chief ingredient for the recipe. Moreover, we use fresh vegetables including beans, carrot, gobi, potato etc. We focus on quality pav bhaji for customers with hygiene.

Ingredients We Use

The ingredients used for pav bhaji and the masala are as follows.

  • Vegetables: The usual vegetables are carrots, green pepper, beans, peas, cauliflower and potatoes. Bhaji is a blend of all these vegetables.
  • Pav bhaji masala: If you're looking for the best masala pav bhaji in grant road, Sardar pa bhaji is ideal. The prominent flavour for the dish comes from the above masala, and hence we make a unique blend of spices for masala.
  • Butter: A good amount of butter makes the best Jain pav bhaji in grant road. We ensure our customers lick the tasty masala pav bhaji in the Sardarpavbhaji centre.
  • Kashmiri red chilli powder: The Kashmiri chilli powder is added for the colour and appealing look of the masala.
  • Tomato puree: With fresh tomatoes, adding a little tomato puree enhances the flavour and highlights the best masala pav in grant road.
  • Garnishing: Garnish the extraordinary and scrumptious dish with a few drops of lemon and a lot of cilantro for an alluring look.

Variations of Pavbhaji Served At Srikrishna Restaurant

The rise in popularity of the dish has led to wide varieties of pav bhaji in the city. The Srikrishna Restaurant serves several varieties for those looking for the best pav bhaji near me. The local street vendors and eateries serve paneer, mushroom, cheese flavoured bhajis. We always prefer serving customers with additional butter-toasted red coloured pav bhaji.


Dark Red In Pav Bhaji

The dark red colour of pav bhaji grabs customers' attention to order pav bhaji. We use Kashmiri red chillies for dark colour to get the best pav bhaji in grant road. Moreover, we soak the chillies in hot water, grind them into a smooth paste, and use it while onion sautés. We follow the above method instead of artificial food colours for flavour and colour.

The Ambience And Service

For chaat lovers looking for the best Jain pav bhaji near grant road, The Srikrishna Restaurant is the best choice. The extraordinary interiors lure the customers into the centre. As the customers walk through the restaurant, the sound of stainless steel ladle that hits the iron Tawa oozes water from the mouth and makes you curious to taste the best pav bhaji near grant road. The platter options and pocket-friendly charges bring the customers again for evening snacks.

We understand that the pav bhaji masala is the soul of the recipe, and hence we take utmost care in preparing it without compromising on quality. Moreover, we also make innovations in the recipe by adding vegetables such as carrots, beans, gobi and cheddar cheese. However, the pav fried in butter and little bhaji work wonders than any other innovation.


Paying Experience

If you're a traveller to Mumbai and hunting for pav bhaji in Mumbai on discount, head to Srikrishna Restaurant for easy payments, deals and extraordinary taste. Instant payment with Credit or Debit cards by scanning the QR code intensely helps tourists to make the payment or place an order.

Take the opportunity and taste the excellent Mumbai-origin pav bhaji with authentic taste and aroma from Srikrishna Restaurant. Treat your family and friends at this place and gather compliments.